Saucepan brownies, two ways



A Pinterest trawl the other night turned up a little Martha Stewart recipe for these brownies, which intrigued me because you make them in a saucepan not a bowl. It turns out they are rather spectacular and adaptable so these appeared in my kitchen two nights in a row this weekend. Do try them, in whatever guise you want.

The top batch were chocolate & ginger, as per the original recipe. Simple and brilliant with a cup of tea. The second batch are chili and walnut with white chocolate ganache on top and are decidedly more of a dessert. Also, awesome.

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Dark chocolate & walnut star cupcakes


Apologies for this one, it’s really only a picture. Our lovely EO resigned a coupe of weeks ago and since one can’t let lovely people go without cupcakes, et voilá. These were my go-to chocolate cake recipe with added walnuts and chocolate buttercream.

For those interested, the stars were my first foray into making my own marshmallow fondant – recipe here.

Cinnamon teacake

It occurred to me that I’ve never posted one of the most basic comfort food recipes I’ve got – a simple buttercake from a spattered old recipe written in an exercise book of my mother’s. Today’s afternoon tea seemed like an opportune time to whip it up and turn it into a quick teacake.

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