Coming up roses

Another Baked Relief fundraiser for our social club. These were really just an excuse to try my new toys – Wilton 1M and 2D tips. The roses above were made with the 2D, although the 1M does a decent job too. Both are a few bucks on eBay from CakeDecoShop if you’re looking.

Cake-wise, I used my chocolate cake recipe with a few tweaks – added juice & zest of two oranges (reduced milk accordingly) and a cup of almond meal. Decoration-wise, you’ll need:

  • A packet of chocolate biscuits, blitzed in a food processor or good blender (I used scalliwags, and felt a bit bad putting their little faces into the blades…)
  • Dark chocolate
  • Green-tinted fondant for leaves (although I won’t tell anyone if you use spearmint leaves instead, or leave them out entirely)
  • Bag of snakes or sour worms

Melt the dark chocolate and spread a really thin layer on each cupcake, then dunk them into the crushed biscuits. If you’re using leaves or snakes, now’s the time to press them on while the chocolate is still wet. Then all you need to do is pipe on the roses – a quick Google of ‘wilton 2d flower tutorial’ will get you out of trouble if you’re a piping noob.

If you want to do the tricky pot thing, get a couple of pots that have a rim (mine are Big W plastic fantastic specials), and wedge a piece of thick cardboard into the pots so it sits on the rim and makes a false base for the cupcakes to sit on. You’ll have extra biscuit ‘dirt’ that you can use to cover the base. It’s a great way to fake a cupcake bouquet without faffing with wire and florist’s foam.