Guinness & walnut cupcakes


You were all expecting green cupcakes, weren’t you? One does have to be a bit of a walking cliche on St Paddy’s. I’ve done Guinness & chocolate cake before, but I’ve never used my own recipe. I also wanted an excuse to try the two-tone icing thing with 1M rose swirls. If it were any other day I’d leave the green out; it ends up looking a bit twee.

Anyway. The Guinness cupcakes are a bit serious – excellent if you’re looking for something a bit dark and grown-up but not OTT bitter.

Guinness & walnut cupcakes

These are a mod of my chocolate cake recipe. Before you start, blitz a cup or two of walnuts (I used a 190g pack) in a food processor – you want something more or less resembling chunky almond meal. Then follow the cake recipe as written, but replace 1 cup of the sugar with dark brown sugar, leave out the vanilla and use Guinness instead of the milk (uses about a schooner’s worth so if you use a pint can you can play ‘one for the cake one for the cook’). Mix in the walnut meal at the end and bake as normal.

If you want to ice them, buttercream made using Guinness instead of milk is surprisingly good. A little weird, but good. Try it.